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Photo by Sammie Vasquez on Unsplash

It can be overwhelming to host celebrations, but when we remind ourselves to be kind, patient, calm, and loving, we can check in with the real reason to take on celebrations. We want our loved ones to feel special, to know they matter, and that they are thought about and loved. This weekend, we got  a chance to show my brother-in-law how much his presence in our lives is appreciated.

I will admit that the fact that he shares his birthday with my first mentor Tejpal made for a nostalgia tinged day for me. And then my mom shared the last picture Papa tried to send the kids while in Switzerland. For a moment, grief and nostalgia choked me, but then I remembered what a special day it truly had become.

My brother-in-law is not only kind and thoughtful, he would be mortified to see a post like this because he’d rather act than say things.  It makes perfect sense that he would share his birthday with someone who inspired me to keep writing.

When I think about it, there are more coincidences in life than I ever considered, and it appears that what we think are random acts of life that collide randomly, perhaps, just perhaps are the universe’s way of making sure we know that everything is connected.

So today, I celebrate  Micky, and Tejpal and think about Papa fondly, and chose gratitude for the life I get to live.

Happy 40th Micky, I wish you an amazing year!

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