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New Month/Week

It’s hard to believe I am in the ninth month of 2018. Every month is a chance to take a look at my goals for the year. Yet more and more, some goals I see were really just wishes as I made no real attempt to make them part of my life. For example, repeatedly writing that I want to be able to do a pull up or a double under, yet not spending any meaningful doing the accessory work to get better at those movements means I still not able to do those things.

Saying I am a writer, but really writing when whimsy strikes led to not much writing from me. And it goes on and on. Yet it hits me that I have made progress in so many other areas. From getting stronger to steady clients for the law practice and making a concerted effort to spend time with people I care about.

It’s easy to list a bunch of goals and projects, and if quantity is the game then I can fill up page after page with a to do list, yet more and more I realize that it takes serious contemplation on what really are true goals and why. What am I willing to do or sacrifice to make those goals happen? And then I also get to take a hard look at the things I am spending my energy on. Are they giving me the return I am expecting or is my ego and pride so important to me that I continue doing things that give me no real value except that I am doing them.

It’s not an easy road to take when you break down passion into to do items, but then again if it just stays as a dream then is it really a passion or just me selling myself a delusional sale of goods?