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Monday Starts

There are some Mondays when I am raring to go, and others when I want to snooze the alarm until it gives up. There are Mondays I am out of the bed way before the alarm, and other Mondays when the its gentle chimes racks me immediate tension and anxiety. Each Monday a new choice on how the week, month, year should go. Every Monday a chance to pick up where I left things, dump them or start new things on my to-do list.

The Mondays keep coming, and I have to decide how I will take the day, and my life. The last few Mondays came as a struggle, and it hit me that with 6 months of 2018 complete, am I on the path I envisioned for myself? Are the goals I set half way done? This type of assessment came from my LP group last week when the prompt asked us to see how we were going on 2018 goals. Lots of excuses and reasons came up for why I was not halfway done or even started on some goals. And I felt defensive, and self-pity for myself. Life just wasn’t fair and just for a moment that pity fit snugly onto me, but then it hit me. Suck. It. Up

Each transformational podcast or book I take on talks about personal responsibility. Sadhguru says that we have a choice each time on how to feel. People or things don’t make us feel, its how we choose to see things. Back to me it comes back. Always.

So Monday is here again, and I have a choice on whether I make excuses or I take personal responsibility. And so I accept my choice of making things happen.

How about you?

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