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Soul Gaps

It hit me that when I let go of some aspects of my routine in life, after a while there are consequences. For example, when I do not meditate consistently or do my community service or not engaged in a meaningful way with my loved ones, a certain ache develops inside me. A small hole that gets bigger, and from being annoyed to childish irritation, suddenly it turns into aching soulful hurt. And then I get to take a step back and re-asses what’s going on inside me.

I have to tell you, with the amount of things I have chosen to involve myself, it’s become easier to lose the routine which is not a good thing because when my emotional foundation is not strong, everything else falls apart. Lately, I have felt immense grief about my aunt, dad and a feeling of being overwhelmed at both my job. It was easy to feel sorry for myself, but I know it serves no purpose except to make myself into a victim.

So new moment. I am what I consume and when I take in negativity, self-doubt and pity that’s who I reflect out as my reality which creates gaps in my life. So today, now, at this time, new moment.

Happy Friday!

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