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You Are What You Consume

This morning I got a chance to listen to a whole program of B. K Shivani that made a lot of sense to me. She pointed out that in today’s world, what we consume, from food to social media, news, music and conversations form a part of us even when we tell ourselves that we wish to avoid the negative. It hit me that there are things I consume that stay with me long after (namely news and negative conversations) that as much as I don’t want to affect me, become a part of me.  Not only that, those things get amplified and stronger and more likely as more and more of it is consumed by others.

Now I see a pattern that when I start my day on a positive note and a healthy morning routine, I Am much more able to stay on track in terms of my health, emotions and diet. When I allow worry and negativity to begin my day, I not only impact my day, but contribute negatively to others. I have to say it is a challenge because just like a lifestyle change, being present and positive is a daily and continuous process that takes patience, willingness and an openness without judgement that can be hard to maintain.

Yet more and more I am learning towards getting better at this because I am determined to live and be the best version of myself not just for my sake but for the sake of my loved ones.

Happy Monday!

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