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I never quite know what I am going to write about until I allow myself to feel my thoughts and emotions in the morning quiet. The lessons from B.K Shivani are great reminders that when you start the day with positivity, it follows that positive things happen or one handles difficult situations with greater presence and calm.

Last Saturday, I had plenty of reason not to get up and head to the gym to do 18.1, the first of five workouts out for the Crossfit Open 2018. I was still recovering from the flu. I hadn’t gotten back into my training regimen of regular Crossfit workouts, and then there was the ever-present fear of failing in front of my peers at the Box. So many reasons NOT to workout or participate, but yet I knew it was fear in myself PRETENDING to be real reasons. It didn’t matter what my score would be, all that mattered was me SHOWING UP.

It was interesting to also hear on a new podcast (well for me anyway) that there are many of us who CHOOSE to do things as we are on a schedule yet there is NO ONE except OURSELVES pushing us to do it. There is not a day I don’t think about writing or working out. And more and more. the excuses become longer on why I CANT, WONT, OR SHOULDNT, yet time and time again I find myself at the box or in front of the laptop because if I don’t push myself then how will growth happen?

So I keep going out there, keep doing things that scrap the crap out of me, and keep just pushing. I hope you do the same.

Happy Monday!

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