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Breathing in Gratitude

2018 has already shown itself to be a formidable. More than a few around me are dealing with health issues, and is a constant reminder to love the moments I have with loved ones.  It is never easy to accept that the easiest way to make God laugh is to make plans for life. So I continue to breathe in gratitude and remind myself that so much of life is transitory and only what I decide to hold on will remain. That means spending quality time with loved ones and others that bring you joy. Remembering that work is a means to an end not the entire thing. That each moment I spend in judgement rather than gratitude means less love.

As I near the end of my trip in India. I am struck with how much perspective distance can provide. I began 2018 with lots of resolutions, but forgot that while that’s great, it is important to also have the  why. As my loved ones deal with difficult times, it is a reminder to not lose sight of the truly important in life. So I begin today by breathing in gratitude, and being present in the moment.

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