Food For Thought, Inpsiration

Resistance is Futile

It’s funny how time changes perspective, but it’s not just time, but also shifting out of my shit. When I actually step back and see how  much I resist something that is good for me, good things begin to happen. Part of my resistance to change is that I have many things I have taken on, and I wish to ensure I can still do them. It hit me that those are all choices, and if I still choose them I just get to do them in a different matter or at a different time. When I shifted, suddenly things got easier. The pressure on my chest eased, and then I wonder what the hell was I fighting so hard for anyway.

It hits me that as I stretch and become comfortable being uncomfortable, change is inevitable and resistance is futile. Life will be never the same as always especially when I want to live a life of vision and transformation. So I go back to acceptance, and I realize I have a strong team around me that won’t let me fall no matter how much I fight them because they seem in my greatness when I am wallowing in my shittiness.

Happy Monday.

P.S: I Love You. You know who you all are!

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