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Another Weekend or Was it?

Yet another surreal weekend. Saturday, I got the chance to experience a celebration for someone who truly epitomized love and compassion. His passing was met with words about he lived his life to the fullest, reminding me of Papa, and being hit with gratitude so all the beautiful blessings as people who had entered my life. As I listened, I could not help offering thanks to the Universe for allowing me so much time with loved ones. My cousin’s father in law made me feel special each time I met him. His genuine curiosity about me each time we met left a lasting impression, and it became apparent that he did that for anyone that crossed his path. I hope one day to reach even ten percent of that generosity in humanity.

It could not be a coincidence that same Saturday, I ended the day with special friends where we laughed till our stomachs hurt, and got a chance to reconnect after a long time. It made me even more special to take a moment to acknowledge that to myself and to them. It’s moments like these that I remember rather than wallowing in the negative.

More and more, I believe life is a celebration, and I need to take any time given to me to enjoy what I have not what I missed out on or don’t have. Regret is a fool’s game because it serves no other purpose than to focus on things you cannot change rather than on what you can.

Happy monday!

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