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Loving Time with Others

Over the weekend, I found out a friend’s mom passed away and instantly regret enveloped me as I’d been meaning to go visit her. Time and time, it appears that life can get away from me while doing tasks and knocking off to do lists instead of getting loving time with others.  It sometimes feels pointless to have a vision for myself when it does not include making time to show and be love for others.

Yet there is a part of me at peace because I feel I can be of service to my friend and his family. Her passing reminded me where I was at when my father died and the best thing I got offered were people who just came to be around me. So I did that, and I plan to continue because by being around my friend, I honor his mother, but most of all, I honor our friendship.

I am not gonna lie. It isn’t easy to ignore my regret, and it shouldn’t be because it become a reminder of how I can be better. Sometimes, I get too busy patting myself on the back, when in reality, I have a long way to go. This weekend served me that reminder with a punch to the emotional gut.

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