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No More Labor

Holiday Monday’s are always strange. Instead of getting through my daily checklist of tasks, I got a chance to check in with loved ones and spend some intimate time with my wife. Yet it is more than that. It’s great to be high performing, but it can come at a price. I am still learning how to turn off my drive so I can recover and perhaps just Be. It is much too easy to go check off things to do and go from day-to-day and then suddenly realize that at 45, I am blessed to be where I am at in life.

It is that moment of presence that matters more than the to do’s, the accomplishments, material rewards. Only by being present in all that I do do I really get to relish what I am accomplishing. It is easy to brag to others about all that I am getting done, but the real person I owe that duty is to myself. When I stop living for others, but be in service to them do I make my life vision a reality.

It is not an easy balance to not be doing something at all times, but only in the time of presence can I give the gift of who I am. Too often, I react not really giving myself or others the benefit of who I really can be. So today on this labor day, I vow to be more present.

Happy Monday!

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