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Sources of Re-energy

The weeks have begun to blur as I balance Ziba, Legal Clients, BNI, Volunteering, Working Out, Writing, and duties as the Vice President for the Artesia Chamber of Commerce. This doesn’t include intimate time with loved ones, mentoring others, reading or having time to unwind. I am not going to lie, some days are a balancing act, however  unknowingly, I also set myself up to win by installing three energy centers during the week.

Mondays are days I volunteer for the Illumination Foundation which, by far, sets me to win because being in service really does satisfy me to the core. It reminds me why I do what I do and that others matter. Wednesdays, I am part of a young chapter of BNI in Cerritos whose members energize me with their smiles, passion for their varying industries, and openness to stretching theirs (and my) comfort zone in speaking, networking and presenting ideas.  But then I lastly end the work week on Fridays with morning conference call with my Leadership power team where we explore various prompts about life, leadership, and intimacy.

It hit me that when I am engaged, I draw energy which pushes me to be a better version of myself. In fact, nothing I do feels like work because I do it with joy and purpose. I am at peace with my vision in life. It’s strange, but as I become more content and confident in my purpose, I am asked to contribute in new and exciting ways. The old me would shun new challenges especially in arenas I felt were not in my “experience” or outside “abilities” yet with my energy sources, it feels as if nothing is out of reach anymore.

What are you doing about your vision/life purpose?

Happy monday!

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