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Growing Experientially

It’s been a whirlwind of week.  As I learn more at my new Volunteer position, and my networking BNI group (Professional Business Alliance), I feel as if my world is expanding. I finally feel I am stepping into my vision, and firing on all cylinders. One thing that’s truly enabled me is managing my calendar on Law of Attraction Planner. Then I also got to spend some intimate time with my wife and later on, my cousins and dear friends. With each moment, it hits me that living my vision and purpose is not about money or how much work I got done. To be sure, it matters that the basics get taken are care of, and I take care of my responsibilities, but more and more it’s become apparent that showing up for yourself means showing up for others.

It is easy to be busy, however it’s only task related and not something that moves you forward in life, then it is just things to do to feel as if you are doing something when, in actuality, you are marking time. More and more, I feel that I’ve been put here to do more than just take up space, but be in contribution to others. Happiness for me has become about experiences not material wealth. And I am more than okay with that. Happy Monday!

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