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New Beginnings

Every moment, we have a chance and a choice to start over.  I love that each month, I sit down and review my goals for the month. Although, I usually don’t get to the numbers in each of my goals, I still manage to touch each of them which tells me I have room to grow, and what direction I wish to go in .

This month will be a month of being in service to others especially my wife, loved ones and the community. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life, yet I don’t think many still feel how much they mean to me. Their love has been my foundation which allows me to work out, read, write, volunteer, and work my legal and Ziba job.

Yet it is also important to nurture that base because too often I assume they know they have my support, but more than that, it nourishes me. One of things that I Am learning in my new networking group BNI, the Giver’s Give philosophy which I take to mean that when you give, you get a bigger return than when others do you.  People, especially my wife and loved ones, have given me so much when, at time, I did so little for them so this month is the beginning f giving back to them. I love new beginnings and the chance to make choices that make a difference in my life.

Happy August all!

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