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A Month of Celebrations

As July winds down, it hits me next week is my 6th wedding anniversary, and that’s how I end the month; with a bang. It is fitting that my niece, moms, sisters and father in law’s birthdays are in this month as they are all loving people who deserve nothing but the best. Then of course, there is my wife who not only represents my best sides: loving, gracious and ever beautiful.

It hits me that July will always be a special month not just for the people we celebrated, but for the continuance of healing and celebrating the ones gone, the one who will always remain close to our hearts and minds. Of course, each of these celebrations missed their presence and didn’t in a way because we got to celebrate them along with those people. There is this unending urge that they were physically here, but they were in our hearts and minds. So to all the July people, know that you are loved, you are celebrated and you are not alone.

This is just a new journey with new paths and directions, but it does not mean that the trip is over, it just means it’s going somewhere else.

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