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Fear of Being Sued: Legal Reasons #48

It is always scary to get a formal email or piece of mail that announces some kind of legal incident. The scariest: a summons.  Then there is always the attorney letter with “LAW OFFICES” usually on the stationary that tells you have violated something or the other. I admit, even as an attorney, I get nervous when I receive something like this that I am not expecting. That fact is no one truly enjoys being caught up in a legal battle that will cost time or money or worse, both.

Yet many still choose to either ignore the matter or not get guidance for an attorney.  I always tell people the initial call is free.  Make the call so you know what you are in for. There are times where the matter is not significant yet will become worse if the person does nothing. I practice law to help others. I get that many worry about costs, or feeling overwhelmed. It is at those times money should not be the factor stopping you if it’s a matter that could harm you in a significant way. Like they say “penny wise, pound foolish” is not the way to go for a lawsuit.

Give someone a call. It may be the best thing you do for a legal issue.


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Quick Getaway

One of my monthly goals has been to do one getaway each month. The point is to explore, relax, rejuvenate, reconnects, but more than anything else be an interruption to my  daily habits before they become chores and not something that I aspire to. I also don’t want my daily talks to become mindless to do tasks to mark off. I have to tell you, it’s not easy sometimes to check in and ground myself on why is it that I am doing something. So getaways are a way to break up that rhythm, and reconnect with my “why.”

So on a glorious friday afternoon in Vegas, I floated on my back looking upwards at the blue sky, just being. Letting it go, the water drowning out all the noise of the day, allowing me to take it in and know that where I was, was perfect. It’s easy to fall into the trap of getting things done, but if I don’t do getaways what is the point?  I mean, what is living if we don’t enjoy our days?

The past few weeks,  both my jobs have revved up, and I realize that I don’t build in some time off, I will burn out. I love what I am doing, but my vision requires me to be present in all areas of my life not just work. So this weekend ended up being one of discovery, relaxation, reconnection and most of all, a reminder as to why I push myself so hard to be the best version of myself.

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What Do You Mean the Check is in the Mail?! #Legal Reasons 47

Many employers get fed up with difficult employees. It’s easy and quite tempting to fire people “on the spot” and while the moment may provide immense satisfaction, it is fraught with long-term complications which may lead to huge penalties. Case in point, I recently settled a matter where due to the failure of the employer to not pay accrued vacation and reimbursement, they ended up paying thousands in penalties for wages that were close to less than three hundred dollars.

So don’t allow your emotions to take over when upset at an employee. Always take a moment, and before saying “You are Fired,” try the words “You are suspended.”  Investigate. Get the full story. Document. These actions rather than just firing an employee on the spot could save you thousands and possibly legal action.


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One Third Done!

May 1st.  One third of 2017 has finished.  Where are you on your goals? Are you living a life of legacy or just passing time. Today, in this moment, are you living up to your potential?  If you died today. what would be your regrets? These are the questions I ask myself each month as I review my planner and make new goals for the month.

It still strikes me as crazy that so much of 2017 has passed by and while I am proud of some my accomplishments like hitting 275 on back squat, 365 on my deadlift, going on two amazing hikes, writing consistently, trying new places with wife, getting trained on how to handle immigration bonds, getting more comfortable doing legal and Ziba work, there is so much more I am hungry for. Like connection, spending intimate time with my life, and other loved ones.  Truly living life rather than just feeling like I have to work.

After a life of legacy will not come from working 50 to 80 hour work weeks, it will come from 50 to hour vision based activities. So I am grateful for my vision and for knowing that I have ways to go, and it’s OK. The point was never to finish all my tasks, but to begin them. The journey is what makes it fun. Happy Monday and May 1st!