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Being in Integrity

It is always easy to say I will do better, to make promises, to blame yourself for not getting to things or continue to act in ways not best for you.  I know far too many (including myself) who make plans, but then fail to set themselves to win. It is easy to make resolutions, to swear to lose weight, eat healthier, to head to the gym, or tell yourself to lose dozens of pounds. Yet more often than not, besides words, there are not steps on how to get there. I am the first to admit that I do not set myself up to win when I just declare things without really sitting with my why and how. I look at certain weekly tasks repeated over and over which sit on my planner week over week with nothing done about.

One task in particular grates at me. Doing a desi music podcast. I have the name, the songs for the first two shows done, but no other action. But time after time, I always manage to “forget” this to do item. It haunts me because if anyone that knows me, knows that I like to stay in integrity with my word. So what’s the hold up?  Fear. I am afraid that some will find my voice my grating, others my song selection, and worse of all, indifference. What is the point of creating if there is no one there to experience?  Yet week after week, it’s on my to do list, but I do feel something coming up inside me to put it on my list. I still research, I still look for songs, and then I realize I am setting myself to win by learning and getting to the how. I already know the why: honor my father. So one day, there will be a podcast. If no other reason than because I will be in integrity.

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