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A New Week With Purpose

The buzz of the new week is here. Each Monday is a way to get back to the goals set for the month and year. In this morning quiet, I sit and reflect, missing my dad, but also determined to honor him in the way he saw the potential in me. Warm memories of yesterday’s Mother’s Day still course through me as ,even in the midst of it, we not only celebrated our mothers, but our family bond. I marveled at how I’d seen so many of the kids grow up on front of me, and now they were funny, honorable adults who still liked being around each other.

It was also the first of many events to come without my dad. A deep sadness exudes, but also unending gratitude for the time I had with him. Then there is the foundation in my family. My mom. I mean I am not sure there is a way to express what she means to me and to us. Yet that is not good a reason to not still try. So I do even when I feel that is so much more I could do.

So a new week. A reflection in gratitude for what I have, but also now looking forward and assessing if I will do things this week that scare the crap out of me. After all, what is the point if I live the same life daily? I admit that only days like yesterday empower me to days like today where I feel emotionally nourished and safe. Only when I am grounded in knowing what I have will I push myself to be worthy of that love and care.

So I begin this new week with purpose, my heart settled and my love deepened.


1 thought on “A New Week With Purpose”

  1. Very interesting read. Wish you the best and keep shining. You have the blessings of the family. Your Dad, somewhere up there, is watching you and wherever he is, I am usre, he is proud of you.

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