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One Third Done!

May 1st.  One third of 2017 has finished.  Where are you on your goals? Are you living a life of legacy or just passing time. Today, in this moment, are you living up to your potential?  If you died today. what would be your regrets? These are the questions I ask myself each month as I review my planner and make new goals for the month.

It still strikes me as crazy that so much of 2017 has passed by and while I am proud of some my accomplishments like hitting 275 on back squat, 365 on my deadlift, going on two amazing hikes, writing consistently, trying new places with wife, getting trained on how to handle immigration bonds, getting more comfortable doing legal and Ziba work, there is so much more I am hungry for. Like connection, spending intimate time with my life, and other loved ones.  Truly living life rather than just feeling like I have to work.

After a life of legacy will not come from working 50 to 80 hour work weeks, it will come from 50 to hour vision based activities. So I am grateful for my vision and for knowing that I have ways to go, and it’s OK. The point was never to finish all my tasks, but to begin them. The journey is what makes it fun. Happy Monday and May 1st!

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