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Foodie Monster

So I spent a majority of my time this weekend beginning Thursday, eating different kinds of foods. From a boys night out at the Blind Rabbit (a hidden speakeasy at the Anaheim Packing District) to fast becoming one of my favorite breakfast restaurants No Toro, I spent indulging myself with intimate conversation and the relaxed view that I earned all those meals. I also managed to get the wife great dessert at Coffee Code while she treated me to amazing fish at Mariscos Choix. When people ask why I work out, I always reply to eat.  This is not to suggest that I gorge myself (although there are times I have), but my insistence that to live a life of legacy means enjoying the journey as well.

So finding new places, new conversations about interesting foods and drinks motivate me to push myself in other words. I mean what is the point of doing so much work when I do not give myself rewards. Bribing myself works, and I recommend everyone to become a foodie monster!

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