Food For Thought


d34a2653c294b9df9618d6b78297df58Halfway through the month, and it feels already that 2017 has more to offer than the previous year.  I set my goals for Fitness, Career,  Passions, Friends, Family, and Finances. Each day feels full, and while most days I am satisfied, I am filled with discontentment of not doing it right.  Yet there is also some fear, OK, a lot of fear.  This feeling stays with me daily of not being enough, wasting time, and kidding myself on my talents.

At a hike yesterday with good friends, I got two different perspectives that I think apply at times in my life.  One friend advised to know all the risks, and to ensure I had all the tools to make things happens. The other, told me to just do it to see what sticks. Overthinking was a common problem that hampered most people and did not allow them to live their dreams. Both are right in their own way, and I ask trekked up the Hellman Trail in Whittier, it hit me that there was a time when hikes like this intimidated me, yet I now did it without dread.

Each new thing provides its challenges, some require more information, while others you jump in right away. The goal is to keep growing, and get ahead of the old me because otherwise how else can I be the best version of me?

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