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Sheth's Perspective

Tuesday nights at the Interlaken Ost Station were Nikita’s favorite. It being the month of May made it all the more special. The atmosphere was just about right. The dim lights and infrequent vibrations of the trains on the stone platform provided the perfect backdrop for her gray cells to whirr away in a distant land of their own, while a cool crisp breeze kept her conscious about her surroundings. Her place at the station was, as if, reserved specially for her. Occasionally, a passenger would alight from the train and momentarily disturb her, but for the most part, the telephone booth near the entrance was hers – or so she liked to think. It gave her a sense of security, as if assuring her that she could let her guard down and allow herself to give in completely and focus on the task at hand.

And what was this…

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