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First Monday of 2017 (and Resolutions)

imagesI sit in the morning quiet full of gratitude, the coffee still steaming, snow surrounding me while I enjoy the last few hours in Big Bear. Having spent 3 amazing days with family and friends, we got to know each other better and shared our thoughts about life and our future. There was laughter, crying, and a deep gratitude for what life has in store for us.

It is easy to wallow in grief, self-hatred and victim mentality, but the real challenge just like in the movie Rocky how often you rise back up. More often that not, the winner is one who stands one last time over their competitor. So I allow the view to remind me that there is life after death. There are others who need me, and that getting caught up in my thoughts and emotions instead of actions serves no one especially me.

So I breath in the new year, and breath out the what if’s. I live in 2017 as present, calm and loving as possible. Also scared. This is the year, I get so comfortable with fear that it becomes my new best friend. In that spirit, I commit to the following for 2017 (not including a private resolution I set up with my wife).

  1. Get my book ready and have it be accepted for publication.
  2. Run a marathon
  3. Volunteer at least 100 hours this year
  4. Do 5 Pull Ups
  5. Increase my legal revenue by a factor of 10
  6. Connect with loved ones regularly
  7. Visit 2 new countries this year
  8. Hike quarterly
  9. Improve my memory
  10. Learn conversational Spanish
  11. Improve handwriting
  12. Begin a Podcast
  13. Increase Blog subscribers
  14. Be the best self of myself in all aspects of my life
  15. The Secret resolution with my wife.

What are yours for 2017?


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