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Quiet Reflections

download-1The last few days were a mixed bag of gratitude, sadness and reflection on what I want from my life. It became clear to me that as we celebrate major milestones, there will be a missing space that my father filled in.  The year draws to an end, and I am determined to learn from it and create new values and lessons for my life. THe good news is that I can do it. The bad is that there will always be something lacking or unexpected happening. The keyword for me is acceptance.

Being present, acceptance, healthy in all aspects of my life are my goals for next year and my life. Because without of those, my life becomes chaotic, and a gaps come up in my relationships with loved ones. And ultimately, for me, that’s the most important thing because if you don’t have your loved ones by your side, then what do you have really?

I am beyond blessed in other aspects of my life, yet there is a constant nagging in my heart and mind that there is more I can do. Not for money or fame, but being in service to others. There are so many to connect to, and honestly the scariest part also is being vulnerable which requires baring my soul and thoughts to others as they occur. I spent too much time trying to organize them, but more than not, they end up staying buried and coming up at the worst times possible.

So practicing quiet reflection on a daily basis has become my new mantra. Wish me luck!

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