Food For Thought

Light Monday

0f33b41bf52267d2633fed954dae6137A new week begins, and it hits me that October ends today. Two more months till 2016 ends, and I cannot wait to sit down and figure our plans for the new year.  Not sure New Year Resolutions, but actually actionable items that create change in me. I made some serious declarations for this year, and I am proud to say I got on the path for a lot of them, but I also was unprepared for so many things happening that make me wish 2016 never happened.

Yet I also know life goes on, and to delve on the past, uninformed by it is a recipe for repeating the previous mistakes. And other things need to motivate so I begin this today as a reminder that it’s not an end of the month or a year, but the beginning of possibility and chance to do things differently if I am not happy. Or to continue with the things that are working, to be not be complacent. Love, vision and success take work. They do not just continue because you do the same things over and over. They are investments that need continuing time and attention.

So October 31st is a reminder that I get to reset what was not working and push beyond what was working. I get to learn to keep moving not staying still, even with my emotions and thoughts. It is not easy. There are days where I just want to lie in bed, and just not be, yet self-pity is a wasted time because it serves no one least of all me.

So I get up, and begin this day with the end in mind. Bring it on 2016, let’s see what you got left. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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