Breathing Easy

take-a-breath-and-let-the-rest-come-easy-quoteBeen a few days back from London, and it hit me how crazy the past month has been. From two weddings, to moving, to being out of the country, there hasn’t been much time to reflect or do my habits of meditating, and working out or even going to work regularly.  For a while, I indulged in feeling guilting until it began to feel suffocating. I realized that I had this fear of slipping back into gaining weight and over thinking things or disappointing co-workers and clients,.  I paused, and really focused that this was a temporary break not me taking a step back.

Sometimes, I make up scenarios in my head that are way worse than reality, and I now get to take a pause, ground myself, and trust that I will always head back to my chosen path. I get to trust myself, but more important, I get to accept that nothing is in my control and I can waste time bemoaning how the present is, or accept for what it: now.

So I take a breath. Take it in. And trust that it will all work out. It always has.

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