Amazing Moments

memory-moment-quotes-text-true-favim-com-304955As I sit in the sunny London (never thought I would say that), I am grateful for the laugh filled moments that I have had so far. There is a bit of tug in my heart to head home (in 2 days) yet more than it is with some awe that I realize what amazing family I have. The moments shared will definitely become part of retelling the time we came for my parents 50th anniversary and my cousin’s 50th birthday (both amazing functions).

Yet more than anything else, it is with gratitude and love that I see now that my extended family ensures we get together more often, share more laughs, more moments to think about so we have more memories together. I am truly blessed to have people in my life who wish to be part of it and who go above and beyond to ensure that our loved ones have the best things in life.

Already the sunlight glances off the keyboard, and I am struck with London’s beauty but more than I am grateful for these amazing moments.

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