Food For Thought, Inpsiration


1376f5d19b3952b945ec871ce97b3458Still abuzz from last night’s amazing reception ready for my brother-in-law Ricky Sood and his new bride Sabina Sood. It’s surreal to see how much love can come together in one room when so many gather to witness and celebrate the union of two who deeply love each other, and have shown that with time some bonds not only get stronger, but transform from dating to relationship to a life long commitment.

It was easy to take a moment and just be grateful for it all, to know that this too was another unique moment that should be lost to petty fights or emotional exchanges or perhaps it all added to the flavor of the weeks festivities. It all comes down to how everyone adjusts to enjoy a milestone in a way that is an inspiring reminder as to why so many mark this occasion with thunderous joy.

Each day of this wedding created so many moments that will leave lasting impressions on some or all. It’s easy to celebrate so much love when you see it in the couples eyes for each other. So Ricky and Sabina, congratulations once again and welcome to the family!

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