Independence Thought

susanbanthony380664Even though I no longer think of India as my home, its appropriate that today it is it’s Independence Day. I unshackled a lot of baggage that include self-doubt, lack of self-worth and just plain stuckness in the past few years. That independence only came after being in a hospital room recovering from brain surgery.

I spent so much of my time not acting due to fear. Even an earlier stroke did not derail me from the path of doubt. Only when I was in hospital room again did I realize that I could either get ready for another visit or I could take steps to make myself a different life.  Yes, I knew a chronic condition I was unaware of caused it, but it also hit me that did not mean, it would define me. I would not live a life unlearned, unloved or lacking.

No longer do I wish to be a writer, a lawyer, a business person, being kind or fit. I do it every day. It may not matter what the end looks like, but the point is that I am living my vision rather than dreaming of it. And that, in itself, is Independence

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