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Mini Break

breaktimepup690x400There is nothing like stepping out of my routines that reminds me of how much I have to look forward.  Taking occasional breaks can also show new perspective and also can give me the space to sort shit out. As many have noted, I can be task oriented and can sometimes miss the big picture. When I break that up, I often see what others already pointed out.  This is a long about way of saying that breaks are good, mixing up one’s life allows for new ideas or old ones to percolate and come to fruition.  Yet there is more to that.

I see now that whenever I step out of routine, it allows me to take pause and reground myself for what is important. This weekend proved that as much as tasks are important, it is just as important to do nothing. To soak it in, and count my blessings. The amount of gratitude I felt this weekend showed me how lucky I am to be living the life that I am. Best of all, I got to do it with my wife, and showed me that even a good time can be made better when you are with a loved one.

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