What Do You Mean I Need a Lawyer? Legal Reasons #10

“I don’t need an attorney. The insurance company is going to fix my car.” The guy confidently said to me when I asked him why he didn’t get an attorney. He recently had gotten rear ended so hard his car was totaled, and he had already missed two weeks of work. He complained about some back pain, but “taking tylenol seems to help.” I winced inwardly because I hear this too often from people who do not realize that more often than not, they can be made whole.  They also seem to think that getting an attorney is too costly.

Look no one sets out to have an accident, and when you are involved in one with injuries, it doesn’t hurt to call someone who has dealt with insurance companies. Most don’t realize they can get their lost wages, time and any costs incurred due to an accident.  And all it takes is a simple call.  And it doesn’t cost anything. If you have a valid claim, the costs are borne by the insurance company not you.

So pick up the phone after an accident. Those few minutes could save you a lot of time and aggravation.

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