Food For Thought

Fulfillment Week

close-friends-love-you-for-who-you-are-ted-rallEarlier this month, I sat down to write my goals for the quarter in eight key areas of my life. Relationship, Family. Career, Fitness, Finance, Community. Recreation and Spirituality.  Previously, I had done it annually, but it hit me that in order for me to remind myself to stay on track and to know if my goals are realistic, I needed to review them more often. For now, quarterly suits me.  It hit me that one area I tended to fall behind on was keeping in touch with friends and anyone who I wanted to get to know better.  I often failed to reach out or remember to call my friends, especially guy friends.  The worst part was that it was that the time in between meetings grew longer. Before I would call or get in touch if a few weeks went, but now it had turned to months, and there were consequences. I felt disconnected, unmoored with my thoughts, and it hit me that when that continues for too long, I feel empty. yet it has the simplest solution: picking up the phone.

I am blessed to have men in my life who are caring, intimate, vulnerable, loving, and brutally honest. That’s not to say I don’t have women in my life, but it hit me how special I had it when I see other guys with their friends involved in sports, drinking and clowning around. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with that, but as someone who is not very athletic and not interested in professional athletics, I always felt like an outcast at those times when others were so vested in the game on television.

Last week, I am proud to say was a fulfilling week From a long phone conversation with old college friend who lives in New York, checking in daily with my best friend,  to meeting up three different friends I had not seen in a while, I had a full week.  It is not a coincidence that it was also the most grounded I felt in a very long time.  All it took was reaching out.

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