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Differing Paths

af21ff902f0a8f8fc11d813ad28741c5 I often wonder what it would be like if my parents were like other Indian parents that I hear about. They never pushed me to go to a field, never told me not to read or be lost in movies and comics. Never told me what school I needed to get into. Never pushed me to be the best or make lots of money. Never taught me to love others as they are, not as they should be. Never hesitated to tell me how much they loved me. Never stopped encouraging me even when they disagreed with my life choices.

On days like Mother’s and Father’s day, I always feel this extra joy because it just means that perhaps, just perhaps, everyone else expressed the love and joy I feel for my parents daily. They did not push me on to a particular path, but rather let me stumble around for a while. I am sure it was like watching me ride a bicycle for the first time and they resisted the urge to come help me up whenever I fell down (which was often), but they trusted me enough to let me fail on my own so I could learn the lessons that I needed to for the future.

So I guess all I have to say is: Thank you.

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