A Beautiful Sunset

download (2)Yesterday,  I took Preeti to go see the sunset, and it was nice to see so many people out. A brisk breeze made jackets necessary and Bella hopped around in excitement as Hilltop Park in Signal Hill slowly filled up. It struck me how easy technology made it for me to find this place, all because I chose to type in best sunsets near me. Yet it was also interesting to see some absorbed in their phones, recording the sunset rather than just looking at it.

I admit I took pictures too, but I also watching it slowly go down and reveled in how brilliant nature and it cost us nothing more than our time to see a light show that perhaps has been going on for millions of years. I know as I watched the sun go down that I need to see this light show with her by my side. It made sense to pick a random day to see how much beauty surrounds us when I open myself up to it.

I took it in and was grateful for that moment. A quiet moment.  Just me, Bella, Preeti and a gorgeous Sunset.

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