Common Sense Tips During Divorce: Legal Reasons #9

downloadThe reality is that divorce can be as simple or complicated as your feelings are about your partner. The smart money is to be not engage in prolonging a painful process for yourself and loved ones. Too often, people continue as if nothing has changed and in the process make divorce an even more complex.

  1. Stay off of social media until the divorce is over. It can cause unnecessary headaches.
  2. Consider your children’s well-being every step of the way. They are not pawns and should never be used as such.
  3. Let it go.  Pause and think before you act. Too often, partners becoming vested in harming or punishing the other side which causes costs to go up.
  4. Be honest with your lawyer and follow their advice! This is not the time to scheme and come up with untruthful allegations. Remember, if you are at this point, the plan should be to resolve things as amicably as possible.
  5. Make – and stick to – a financial plan. Do not lie about your finances. That is not a strategy to success and could lead to more issues than you planned for.

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