Days 9 and 10

download (1)I have a confession about India. I rave about my experience from a position of privilege. I have a place, a car, ready internet, access to places that others do not and a guide. It allows me to see India safely, separately and from a distance. I do not have the worries that others do when they visit or live in India so I am grateful.

Each day I express gratitude for what I have, and the reasons I love my trip so far. The generosity and love shown by so many tells me that I can come again and again, and the reason is simple. Almost all the reasons I disliked India before have been removed. It’s a startling reminder of how far we have come, and now I look forward to my next trip even while I am here now.

Yet there are still things that are under the surface. Both Dubai and India show how cheaply we treat humans as commodities, and what money really can buy when many do not have much. It is common to see more help present than guests, yet no one blinks an eye as if the ones standing around are accessories. It is this reality that is jarring, and it tells me again how much I have to be grateful for.

India shows promise and gives lessons. What I learn is truly up to me.

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