Day 8: India Welcomes

141700097.oOD4fVrD.PunjabOct11977After being here for a few days, one thing has become clear. Not much about India bothers me the way it used to. Before I would complain about how dirty, polluted and unsanitary it is, but the same could be said about my state of mind. The love that has greeted me so far, and the energy of Delhi invigorates me. The first question I get asked now is what do I think of India after 16 years, and my reply is the simple truth: I love it.

I love the 12 people in motorscooter, the 7 cars in lanes, the thinking of traffic lights as suggestions, and of course the cows meandering by. It’s an India that is all-encompassing, and while it could be improved, for what it is, it is mesmerizing to me. The traffic taught me that I get to plan better because even though the distances are small, getting them often takes far longer than anticipated. Also of course, I got the regular welcome of sitting most of the day in the bathroom yesterday, but its ok, I ended the night with great company and love and at the end that’s all that matters.

India is me.

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