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Lifestyle Bloat

yo-yo-dietingIt does not take much for things to change. One minute you are on a kick ass trip of working out three times a week and the next you are scarfing down a whole Pizza with a 6 pack of beer. Yup, that’s been me. Here’s the thing. Each time I lose the weight and then gain it back, it gets harder to lose. I know the key terms by heart. Lifestyle change, food preparation, protein intake, etc. Yet again and again I fall off the wagon.

I have the usual excuses: laziness, emotional eating, hungry, “treating myself”, etc, but what’s really going on is me deciding it’s just too hard. I allow my mind to rationalize for me that a few weeks of cheating isn’t a big deal. That what’s the harm. Yet deep inside, there is an insecurity that I will never have that 6 pack that I desired all my life or that I will never be able to do a pull up, or that I am slow and will never good enough so why bother.

Most times, I can squelch that voice, but there are times it beats me. what I have learnt that it’s true victory will be when I just don’t get back up (cue Rocky IV theme music). So I am back it, harder than ever, twice a day for 5 days and down some pounds. More than anything else, I not only feel light on my body, but in my mind.

And that’s what matters.

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