Legal Reason #2

images (1)So I get that most do not like the idea of using a lawyer for minor things, but it amazes me that many consider being involved in an auto accident or a first time DUI as a minor thing. Listen, I get it. We all see the ads, and the promises of getting rich quick or low-cost DUIs, but the reality is you need a professional by your side to deal with insurance companies or when fighting a DUI because both are institutions that do not care about the individual. One focuses on profits, and the other on technicalities which can have far-reaching consequences.

Regardless of how minor you think it is, check with a professional whether it be a doctor or a lawyer. It really is not worth finding out the hard way that there are things that could prevent or reduce consequences. That is not a lesson you want to learn while on a hospital bed or at the courthouse. The choice is yours.

Make it an informed one.


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