Today is a New Day

downloadThe last few weeks have not gone as planned. Take for example, yesterday where I planned to write, work out, work and then go to my writers group. Instead, I slept in, went to my annual physical where the doctor told me I had “too much belly,” and then rushed to get my blood work done while late for a meeting at work. Then at the meeting, a throbbing headache started and next thing I knew I was in the midst of a full-blown migraine. My amazing wife took care of me, and tried all sorts of things to ease my pain, and then the day ended.

At first, there was this constant knocking in my brain that I lost the day. Then it hit me that I failed to work out 5 days a week last week, and then I didn’t meditate regularly, and I wrote only a few days, and was unable to visit all my studios. On and on, the noise went until I took a breath and remembered what I committed my buddy Jayden. I would not get attached to results, and what things should look like. I get to powerful, calm and loving even if that came down to just applying that to me. Which I do not do very often. I get to stop beating myself up, and accept the days as they are not as I wish for them to be. This is not to say I am abdicating responsibility. It just means that I get to do what I can, and not get attached to how it should be, but how it is.

I get to accept, and know that beating myself up only bruises me, and does not make me stronger. Acceptance does. Today is a new day, a new moment, an opportunity to make the most of it regardless of the results.

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