My Goals for 2016

So with the new year here, I have a lot of things I wish to accomplish and what better way to be held accountable than to post them publicly?goals-letterpress-wood-type-new-year-resolution-concept-text-vintage-blocks-against-grunge-metal-background-58041748


a) Travel with wife to new places and also try new things in SoCal

b) Organize library/garage/rooms by decluttering

c) Connect with loved ones. Call not just text!

d) Read or listen to atleast 25 books

e) Learn Spanish


a) Get down to 190-200lbs by June 2016

b) Do Pull ups/Double Unders/Touch My Toes!

c) Deadlift 400 lbs

d) Run marathon

Work Areas:

a) Legal: Sign up new clients and generate $25,000 in revenue

b) Writing: Submit 4 personal essays, 1 short story and complete novel by end of the year.  Generate $10,000 in revenue

c) Ziba Beauty: Remain a committed in-house counsel and co-owner

Community: Volunteer/donate a minimum of once a month

Financial: Be Debt Free and save 20% of my income.


a) Meditate daily

b) Memorize Japji Sahib


a) Monthly hikes

b) Date nights with the wife

c) Act like a kid

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