Opportunities of 2015

9c5dfdc1bb71a32266f37f3f3b1558ecThe last few weeks have been a blur. Between work, trying to work out 4-5 days a week, watching over my dad as he recovered, and ensuring I helped Preeti with Holiday shopping, it hit me that the year ends in almost two weeks. 2015 almost gone. I need to take a moment to assess what worked and what didn’t. There are so many things that  did, but almost a few major that didn’t, and in that lies the opportunities for a better a 2016. Those are the gaps that get to be filled. They are the ones that will lead to a better me. So here goes.

  1. Love more. More than anything else, that matters the most. From showing my wife why she is the amazing person that makes me feel lucky daily to my loved ones.
  2. Travel. It’s time to see new places and things.
  3. Be Published.  It is time to turn professional and get out there.
  4. Be Fit. It’s time to be able to do pull ups and get down to my ideal weight.
  5. Be in Service. It is time to do more in the community.
  6. Declutter. Not only my life, but by work and library space.
  7. Save. It is time to invest and better set up my future..
  8. Practice law. I get to increase my client base.
  9. Social. It is time to reconnect with old friends and create new ones.
  10. Mindfulness. It is time to be present in as many moments as possible,

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