A Trifecta of Things

I sit here, body still sore from last Saturday’s Spartan race. It was the last leg for my trifecta in which I ran three races in one year, all varying lengths.  In a way, this should have been the easiest at 4.5 miles, considering we had done a 9 and 13 mile ones, but this turned out to be the most challenging for me as I experienced the one thing I feared during a race.

I lost both my contact lenses  in the first mile, which, in effect, made me half blind. So I posted one of my slowest times, and my friend Vishal was a great sport about it. I did sulk for almost a mile after about the lenses, and then it hit me. It wa done with. I could go on and on brooding about it or I could just keep going. And then it changed. Took a breath. New moment. And from then, I enjoyed the race.  It’s the same in life. I keep being challenged, and I get to learn to treat it as new moments, and not just brood on what did not happen. It’s not easy when things don’t go as we want, but then again it’s how you react to it that defines you.

So yeah, I am quite proud of this race.  Now, it comes to make new goals. New moments. New Memories. New trifectas.

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