Food For Thought

Deleting Distractions

images (1)I just deleted Facebook off my phone. I go through cycles. I tell myself that I will check occasionally and I am good for a while until disasters strikes like this past weekend.  I just kept reading all the articles and the status updates. It was depressing, defeating and frankly just affirmed people’s belief in their whatever ideology they support. And it did nothing to resolve my need to understand why we do this to each other. So I deleted Facebook. Not to avoid. Not to pretend all is well, but welcome ideological silence. Don’t get me wrong, I am not deactivating my account, I am just removing the temptation to keep checking so it came off the phone. I still want to remain connected but not at the sake of addiction or feeding the section of the brain that alights like when one does Heroin. It’s funny how much more I get done when I check it from a desktop, and how much content noise goes down.

It’s not worth it to constantly scour for something that cannot be found on a site meant for easy consumption. I also got tired of the rants, and the memes and the accusations that people are being ignored. Everyone seems to pick what suits them while all the people are dead. So off it comes from my phone and it becomes one less distraction while I pray and think of all the lives lost for senseless reasons. May we all atl east do that.

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