In Service

Being-Of-ServiceI am going to be honest. Doing community service is not all fun and games. For me, at least. Yet it is more than just helping people, it is for a very selfish reason. To grow and stretch myself so I can be a better Sanjay for those around. It seems odd to say. In a few days, I will be staffing for a leadership program. The hours are crazy, preparation is key, and we get to be always seeming in control. I am scared shitless. Not just because of the time commitment, but the very real question, will I screw up other people? But then again, that’s always the reason NOT to do something. No more backing off. No more making excuses or finding reasons NOT to contribute. I get to be selfish. I get to be comfortable being uncomfortable no matter how many reasons I find NOT to do it.

It’s not easy, I admit, but complacency only goes so far. I admit it does sting when people mention that I post so many things just to show off when my only reason is to inspire. And yes there is pride. Just like others mentored me and allowed me to grow into the person that I am today, I now get to be in the same position.  So what the hours suck? So what I have to put other things on hold?  The point is for once do more for others than for me because ultimately it grows me. I would call that a Win Win.


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