we-are-our-choicesNew Month, New Week, New Day, New Moments. We get beginnings so often that we can sometimes forget how almost everything we do is a choice. I know personally, I choose to make the ones in my life feel a certain way. For my wife, I want her to feel only happiness and loves. For those in my life. I want to them to feel connection and know that they matter. For myself, I want to know that I am the best version of who I can be. Not to impress others or proves others that I am better than them, but for no other reason but I am on this earth to more than just exist.

So with each passing time, I make choices to do better, be kind, humble, acknowledge others, learn and keep transforming and pushing myself to be more than comfortable. This year’s challenges: travel more with the wife, be active, volunteer, have real friendships, check out more novel ideas, places and things. I am not content just being. That’s well, boring. Each day, I am blessed to open my eyes and know that there is more to do. Always the choices. I choose to be better. I choose to love. I choose to push myself. I choose not to be content.

What are your choices?

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