IMG_1711Soreness rules my body. In fact, this year the only time I managed to not to be sore is when I battled a cold for two weeks. This pain is good. It tells me that I am growing. It’s uncomfortable which means I am not content being in a comfort zone. I push myself so I can be a better Sanjay. Last week, I chose to start doing crossfit twice a day and then run hills on Saturday. Why? Because I want to do the Spartan race in which I handle all the obstacles. I am no longer content skipping areas. I am no longer OK with not even trying. I have done that for too long in my life, and the results are that I am not growing in certain areas. By being risk averse, I avoided learning, becoming better at the difficult things in life. Every day, I also struggle with writing. It’s the one thing on my mind after my wife. Both of them, I want to get better at being with. So each morning, I sit and I visualize what I would like to make better in my marriage and writing.

It doesn’t stop there. I do all this not for anyone but for myself. Pain is good. It tells me when I have gone further than what my body can handle. And you know what? That’s OK.

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