The Compass

Another week starts while the month is about to end. The same questions come up for me. What did I create so far? What will I create this month? Half of the year is gone, where am I at with my resolutions and all the thing other things I wanted to get done? For once, there is no hesitation. I am on the right path. To be sure, it hasn’t been easy, and there still ways to go, but the point is that I am going in the right direction. I no longer dawdle in a pool of uncertainty to not knowingness.

From worrying about finishing 5 essays, wondering if I will be ready for the marathon in October, figuring out where to take the wife out to vacation and working on getting new clients for my law practice, I now see that I am asking the right questions. Whereas before I fretted on where I wanted to go with my life, I now see that I am on a journey to be the best Sanjay I can be.  Have there been setbacks? Sure. Are there days I feel overwhelmed or not worth? All the time. But my compass points in the right direction and for now that’s all that matters.

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