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Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

downloadLP 122Today, it has been 24 hours since I finished a four-month long training called the Legacy Program (LP). I did not end with relief even though almost every day began with a challenge to my life. I chose LP to redesign my life, and truth be told, I am surprised that it did. I pushed myself in ways I have not in a long time. I chose discomfort as my template rather than being OK with  my life. I pushed myself to create new things and go back to an early Sanjay who cared deeply about what was going on in the world and not just himself. I reactivated my passion for life, and the people who are in it. I chose to live life rather than pass time. In the process. I gained a new family of 54 people who did not allow me to falter or make excuses. They held me to the higher standard I declared. They called me up to be the Sanjay they saw in me, the Sanjay I deserve to be, and the Sanjay who make change happen.

It was not without failure, but now I see that as opportunities to learn from not to give up. Each experience taught me of what’s working and what’s not.  I am truly blessed to have the wife and loved me who encouraged me to spread my wings, and because of that my family grew. I also grew. I now see so much I can contribute, and while the old me talked about why I couldn’t do something, this graduate now discusses possibilities and how it CAN be done.

1 thought on “Being Comfortable Being Uncomfortable”

  1. This is so amazing and you did it!! I’m so glad to have met you while we are both on this LP journey! Thank you for all your encouragements, love and support when I was going through my own breakdowns😭 but I also get to breakthroughs and it was an incredible feeling! I can not wait for our 3rd weekend and our torch pass!!🔥


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