Happy Monday!

coffee-monday-take-over-worldMy eyes opened today to new possibilities,  new chances, a new day. Outside, muffled chirps begin the soundtrack of the day. I look outside to see gloom settled across the day, but something shifts. No longer does that gloom convey sadness or yet another Monday. It represents that each dark day does get lighter, it does shine. I cannot stop smiling over the powerful weekend that I had where I managed to get so much done for my life. It was not just another Saturday and Sunday lost into “what will I do now” or “how I can spend the time doing nothing.”  It was a weekend of possibility, one that i took on.

I don’t meant to speak in riddles. I cannot stop smiling. Over the weekend, I reconnected with some beautiful souls, got great inspiration and got some quality time with friends, and family and found myself doing things that I have never done before. I got out of my comfort zone while also deepening the relationships that matter to me. At this moment, I know I did it all, and I am truly grateful for the chance I received.  So yes its Monday and while the old me dreaded this day, the new me loves it. A new week, a new chance to do something other than just pass the hours. Too often, we get lost in our thoughts not seeing the beautiful present that today brings.

So today I celebrate you Monday.  You are unique, never to come around after today. So today I will honor you by working on my vision rather than wasting it away.  Happy Monday!

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